interested in booking a wedding or portrait session?

I am so excited to get to know you and create timeless story-telling images for you and yours. 

So what now?

First, I'd love to hear from you! Contacting me is a breeze - and I try my absolute best to respond within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry. 

Letting me know what type of session you're looking for and where you are located is super helpful. This makes streamlining your customized session so much easier!

Once we are officially in touch, we can progress in several different ways!

My personal preference is to meet up and grab a cup of coffee - because who doesn't need an excuse to enjoy a warm latte and meet a new friend! Life super busy right now? No problem at all!  Email or phone calls are also a great way to begin customizing your session - from details like when and where, style and clothing suggestions, to tips for a successful session!

I show up to each and every session incredibly excited to start telling your story! You are unique - your journey is unique - and your photos deserve to be unique. All sessions are shot on location (I have always found studio photography to be entirely too limiting) and my favorite places to shoot are the locations that hold significant meaning to you!

After your session is complete, I get to pour over images from your session, enhancing them to complete my artistic vision, and when those are finished, you can expect them to be delivered directly to your inbox via an online gallery. 

What you do from there is up to you!  In a day and age filled with digital images, I highly recommend taking it one step further and printing your photos as soon as possible - allow them to be seen, share them with friends and family, send them as gift to the people who love you! You can print them directly through the lab I partner with - they provide incredibly high quality prints. Or you can print them whenever and wherever you please! Gallery wraps, canvases and custom made albums are available for each session upon request.

I am committed to making the process of telling your story seamless and simple - from start to finish. I am so looking forward to capturing your memories!