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Baby J

Baby J

The longer I do photography, the more I adore sessions like these - capturing real moments. Getting to hear a big sister whisper, "welcome to our family, baby". Watching family take in every feature - each smile, dimple, patch of hair - for the first time. Seeing grandma's "ooo" and "aaah" over their newest grandbaby. Watching the way a beautiful mama gazes into her new baby's eyes, seemingly promising him all the love in the world. These are the moments that demand to be held still. 

I've known this family for years - D and I went to high school together and I had the honor of doing him and E's engagement session, wedding and multiple family sessions! This week, they welcomed their third babe into the world, and I was lucky enough to be able to scoot over to the hospital to take some images of some of some of his first hours on earth. His family is absolutely smitten with him - he'll be one incredibly loved little man.

Welcome to the world, baby J.